Raymond Duch

Director and Official Fellow

Raymond Duch is an Official Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, Director of the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) and Long Term Visiting Professor at the IAST, Toulouse School of Economics. Professor Duch’s research focuses on responsibility attribution, incorporating elements of theory, experiments and analysis of public opinion. His recent experimental research into cheating explores its implications for tax compliance, corruption and economic performance. Professor Duch lectures extensively on experimental methods and advises public and private organisations on the design and implementation of lab, field and online experiments.

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Sonja Vogt

Senior Research Officer

Sonja Vogt is a Research Fellow at Nuffield College and Senior Research Officer at Nuffield CESS. Sonja undertakes both basic and applied research related to how social and institutional settings influence human behavior. Her research is based on laboratory and field experiments, and she has conducted studies with young children, immigrants, small-scale farmers, and university students on four different continents. Currently, she is working on large-scale field studies that examine socially harmful behaviors in Sudan, Armenia, and Brazil.


John Jensenius III

Lab Manager and Postdoctoral Research Officer

John is a Postdoctoral Researcher Officer at Nuffield CESS and has been the Lab manager since December 2013. He earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Florida State University, with a focus on Experimental Economics. His current focuses are experimental methodology, public goods, and markets.


Sönke Ehret

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Sonke has been a Postdoctoral Research Officer at Nuffield CESS since December 2016. He specializes in Comparative Politics, Behavioral Political Economy Experiments and Political Methodology, with focus on cross-country Online Experimentation, Inequality and Decision Making. His dissertation on policy feedback effects examines how individual preferences translate into political choices.

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Amma Panin

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Amma is the Nuffield CESS/FLAME Postdoctoral Research Officer. She joined CESS from the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, where she had been a Research Fellow in the Risk and Development Junior Research Group since 2013, designing and programming field experiments and managing a panel dataset of 12,000 individuals in south India. She has a BA in Mathematics for Social Sciences at Dartmouth College and an MSc in Econometrics and Economic Theory at the Toulouse School of Economics, and she will receive her doctorate in Economics from the Technical University Berlin. Amma has taught at the International Summer School in Economics and Management in Havana, is a co-founder of the Development Economics Network of Berlin and has conducted lab and field experiments in Senegal, India, Germany and Ghana.

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Emma Shires


Emma Shires is responsible for editing and producing content for the CESS websites, social media channels and printed publications. Emma has a Master’s in Musicology from the University of Oxford and trained as an editor at Oxford University Press. She previously held positions at St Hugh’s and Nuffield Colleges in Oxford.


Alessandro de Oliveira

Web Developer

Alessandro de Oliveira is the web developer and social media editor at CESS. He has a Master in e-Business from Oxford Brookes University.


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