CESS Nuffield-FLAME University in Pune, India was officially launched in October 2016. The Centre is a collaboration between the Nuffield College Centre of Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) and FLAME University in Pune. The facility enables researchers to carry out laboratory, field and online experiments in India, and, being the first centre of its kind in the country, contributes to India’s rapidly growing social sciences research network.

CESS Nuffield-FLAME University contains 34 lab stations and forms part of the FLAME University campus in Pune. Professor Sharon Barnhardt is the Centre’s Director and Professor Pavan Mamidi the Director of International Research Collaborations. Researchers in the Centre benefit from training sessions led by Nuffield CESS staff in Oxford and Pune.

The Centre is the third of its kind around the world, with other CESS facilities in Oxford, Great Britain, and Santiago, Chile. This network provides CESS with a global reach, encouraging academic debate amongst scholars around the world and providing them with subject pools in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

External experimentalists and interested parties are invited to conduct experiments at CESS Nuffield-FLAME University. You can find out more about running experiments in Pune, or at any of the other CESS facilities, here.

For more information about CESS Nuffield-FLAME University, please visit the Centre’s website.

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