Santiago CESS represents the collaboration between Nuffield CESS and the University of Santiago. Its lab was opened in 2015 in the central Concha y Toro neighbourhood of Santiago, Chile. Santiago CESS is the hub for experimental research within Latin America and its primary goal is to promote social science research in Chile and Latin America. In this sense, the centre provides a dual purpose: Santiago CESS runs lab and online experiments, giving researchers from all over the world access to a Latin American subject pool, and it is contributing to the growth of the region’s social science research community by bringing together academics and hosting a series of seminars, colloquia and an annual summer school.

Professor Raymond Duch is the Director of the Centre, where there are 24 fully partitioned work stations for lab experiments. CESS Santiago currently has a subject pool of over a thousand participants, a number that the centre aims to develop substantially with the up-coming launch of a new recruitment platform.

We would like to invite external experimenters and interested parties to conduct field, lab and online experiments using CESS Santiago’s facilities. You can find more information about this on this webpage or by contacting the Santiago centre’s lab manager, Mauricio Lopez.

For more info about CESS Santiago, please visit the centre’s website:

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