Comparative Time Sharing Experiments (CTSE)

CTSE provides researchers with a procedure to access the four subject pools of the Centre of Experimental Social Science. This is made possible by pooling experiments together into one study, allowing multiple researchers to access a diverse population at the same time.

  1. This project is intended to offer access to the four principal student and non-student online subject pools of the Centre of Experimental Social Sciences (CESS), Nuffield College located in the UK, Chile, India and China, to researchers free of charge. Researchers can submit proposals that encompass all four pools, or proposals with less than four.
  2. Each country will contribute in minimum ca. 200 participants.  CESS uses a non-representative convenience sample drawn from the subject pools.
    1. The current piloting phase is open to current graduate students, who: either are part of the University of Oxford Social Science Division, or are affiliated with one of the Centre for Experimental Social Science’s global sites (CESS Nuffield, CESS Santiago, CESS India or CESS China).
    2. Applicants have to have participated in at least one university level course on causal inference or experimental methods. The principal investigator must be a student, co-investigators can be non-student researchers.
  3. Participants submit a proposal for a module of an experimental study. The module must involve an experiment, e.g. simple randomization, and must not last longer than 300 seconds of time.
  4. Data collection is free for accepted proposals. Translations of instruments are provided by CESS
  5. The proposal must not exceed 2500 words. All proposals must include a draft instrument and they must be coded in Qualtrics. Upon acceptance, it is the responsibility of the researcher to provide the coded up survey instrument. Additional details can be found below under submission guidelines.
  6. All accepted proposals are provisional as to be subject to CESS ethics rule compliance review.
  7. Subjects are paid a lump sum fee for participation. Choice dependent incentives can be arranged at the researcher’s cost and a processing fee. Please add a section to indicate choice dependent incentives.
  8. CESS requests that all papers based on projects run in any affiliated CESS lab or using CESS subject pools include the following text: ”This research was fully or partly conducted at the Nuffield College Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS). The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the CESS Comparative Time Sharing Initiative in conducting their research.”

We are not accepting proposals at the moment.