Lab Facilities

CESS maintains two experimental labs at Nuffield College, University of Oxford and at The University of Santiago, Chile, and will soon be adding a third lab in Pune, India.

25 Partitioned Computer stations -
each station features a DELL Optiplex 9020 and a 22in wide screen monitor at a resolution of 1920x1080
24 Partitioned Computer stations -
each station features a DELL Optiplex 9020 and a 23in wide screen monitor at a resolution of 1920x1080
30 2-in-1 Dell laptop tablets -
these are also used for mobile experiments
Subject Pool (currently recruiting)
~900 registered Student
~400 registered Non-student
Subject Pool (as of Mar 2017)
>1000 registered Student
~500 registered Non-student
2000 student subjects and access to non-student pools


Mobile Lab Facilities

CESS is expanding its ability to perform experiments in locations other than it’s central lab facilities. Our current offerings are below.

Coming soon!
We will be adding a set of tablets to our inventory soon!
16 Windows tablets -
These tablets are capable of running the same software we use in the lab, easily enabling experiments to be run across locations.
34 Windows Laptops -
The FLAME lab is being built from the ground up with lab-in-field experiments in mind, so all of the hardware is being selected so that it may be used outside the lab as easily as inside.


Online Facilities

CESS maintains growing online opt-in participant pools in the United Kingdom, Chile, India and China. Our goal is to provide a non-deception subject database that minimizes overlap with existing student pools while providing greater variation of social and geographic background. Experiments are priced on a per subject base, depending on the duration of the study, location, and affiliation status.

United KingdomChileIndiaChina
2,500 subjects2,500 subjects13,570 subjectsRecruiting. Less than 1,000.

Minimum subject payments per 10 minutes is £1 in the UK. For information on other countries, please inquire at Additional costs involve setup costs for the experiments and administration fees.  We furthermore provide administration and subject management services for custom solutions involving third party respondent providers. In that case additional charges for VAT maybe incurred.


Costs and Payments

The CESS Facilities are available to all social science researchers who conform to CESS rules and ethical standards. The price for running experiments at CESS depends on the nature of the experiment and the affiliation of the applicant(s).

Lab Experiments:

The costs of running lab experiments at CESS are based on the number of subjects and on an administrative cost. In addition to these costs, experimenters are responsible for subject payments, including a show up fee. For more information about the costs, contact us at

Oxford laboratory costs:

Experimenters are responsible for subject payments. Subjects receive a show-up fee of £5. Average subject earnings, excluding the show-up fee, are £10/hour at Nuffield. Additional costs vary based on the affiliation of the applicant(s).

 Affiliated academicUnaffiliated academicNon-academic
CESS subject charge (per subject per hour)£10£20£30
Programming (per hour)£35£75£100
Research Assistant£15£35£50

Total costs:
The administartive cost is charged at 30% of the total amount and adds to the costs of running lab experiments. One research assistant is included in the session costs. Affiliated researchers conducting research at Nuffield CESS additionally receive 5 hours of programming.

Doctoral students:
Doctoral students do not pay the subject charge and the administrative cost. In addition, 5 hours of programming and one research assisstant is provided by CESS. CESS does require doctoral students who are interested in conducting research at CESS to present and actively participate in our Colloquia. The Colloquia are targeted at designing experimental studies and analyzing experimental data.

Chile and India laboratory session costs:

Affiliated Academic ReseachersCLP$25000₹1000₹3000
Nonaffiliated Academic ReseachersCLP$25000₹1500₹5000
Nonaffiliated Non-academic ReseachersCLP$25000TBA₹10000


Invoicing and Terms of Payment

CESS will invoice experimenters for the total cost of the approved experiment. Included in the total cost will be estimates of the subject payments. The invoiced amounts must be paid in full before the experiment can be scheduled. Any additional costs associated with programming or subject payments will be invoiced after completion of the experiment. Terms of payment for these invoices are 14 days.