Postdoctoral Research Officer at CESS and Research Fellow at Nuffield College

Amma Panin

Amma is working on behavioural economics and international development. She is interested in modelling and experimentally eliciting decision-making preferences in contexts with uncertain or intertemporal payoffs. She is making particular applications of these methods to study interactions between religious preferences and insurance in developing countries.

Amma is also affiliated with the Centre for the Study of African Economies.

Amma Panin's profile at Nuffield College

Current research topics include:

  • A comparison of risk elicitation methods
  • Risk taking in social networks
  • Religious organisations as informal insurance

Working papers

(with Auriol, Lassebie, Raiber and Seabright), “God Insures Those Who Pay: Formal Insurance and Religious Offerings” (2017).  (submitted)

(with Abdellaoui, Kemel and Vieider), “Measuring risk and time preferences in an integrated framework” (2017). (submitted)

(with Abdellaoui, Kemel and Vieider), “Take your chance or take your time” (2017). (submitted)