Sönke Ehret

Sönke Ehret

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Sönke has been a Postdoctoral Research Officer at Nuffield CESS since December 2016. He specializes in comparative politics, behavioural political economy experiments and political methodology, with focus on cross-country online experimentation, inequality and decision making. His dissertation on policy feedback effects examines how individual preferences translate into political choices.


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Current research projects include:

Language, Empathy and Redistributive Decision Making
There has been a significant expansion of survey research across borders, yet often surveys are only conducted in one language, either native or foreign, without taking into account how the variation in language potentially affects the response. The paper seeks to inform about comparing survey instruments when accessing international subject pools for (interactive) political opinion experiments.

Voting on Equal Opportunity (Funded by New York University George Downs Grant and CESS)
How do citizens decide between policies with real consequences for their own opportunity compared to the opportunity of others? We develop and test a theory on the interaction between strategic incentives in contests with political decision making on contests. The project finds evidence for the theory; it suggests therefore a non-normative explanation for expressed preferences for equal opportunity: strategic sensitivity to (social) competition.