Welcome to the CESS Replications site. This site is intended to host replication materials for all experiments ever conducted at CESS locations. With this we seek to make available to other researchers all files and information necessary to conduct replications of these experiments.

If you ever ran an experiment at CESS, we encourage you to include your study on this site. Beside facilitating replications, this could also help to increase your work’s visibility. To include your work on this site, please write us at replications@cess.cl and provide us with as many as possible of the following items.

  1. Programming code to implement the experiment. A copy of these files has been kept on CESS servers and we can post those if you give us permission.
  2. Experiment instructions.
  3. Raw data.
  4. Code to replicate tables and figures in the manuscript/paper.
  5. Merged and cleaned up data used for the replication of tables and figures.
  6. A “README.txt” file indicating how to conduct the replication and what each file contains.
  7. A “log file” or other document demonstrating that the replication code for tables and figures works correctly. It is the experimenter’s responsibility to ensure the code replicates the tables and figures in the document and a log file can help to make sure this is the case.


Klinowski, D. (2017). Gender and the willingness to compete against own past performance. Working paper.

Laboratory experiment conducted at CESS Santiago.

Author(s) of the study: David Klinowski

Replication materials

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