• 2017-001: Gender and the Willingness to Compete Against Own Past Performance
    by David Klinowski



  • 2015-001: An evaluation of the nature and effects of negative implicit attitudes towards welfare benefit claimants in the UK
    by Robert de Vries
  • 2015-002: A comprehensive comparison of students and non-students in classic experimental games
    by Michele Belot, Raymond Duch, and Luis Miller
  • 2015-003: Auctions For Complements – An Experimental Analysis
    by Daniel Marszalec
  • 2015-004: The Double-Channeled Effects of Experience in Individual Decisions
    by Peiran Jiao
  • 2015-005: Why We Cheat: Experimental Evidence on Tax Compliance
    by Raymond Duch and Hector Solaz



  • 2014-001: The Distributive Basis of Tax Compliance
    by Pablo Beramendi and Raymond Duch
  • 2014-002: Social identity and social value orientations
    by Ozan Aksoy
  • 2014-003: When Lab Subjects Meet Real People: Comparing Different Modes of Experiments
    by Pablo Beramendi, Raymond Duch and Akitaka Matsuo



  • 2013-001: Gender Differences and Dynamics in Competition: The Role of Luck
    by David Gill and Victoria Prowse
  • 2013-002: Learning in a Black Box
    by Heinrich H. Nax, Maxwell N. Burton-Chellew, Stuart A. West, and Peyton Young
  • 2013-003: Cheating in the workplace: An experimental study of the impact of bonuses and productivity
    by David Gill, Victoria Prowse and Michael Vlassopoulos



  • 2012-001: Good Samaritans and the Market: Experimental Evidence on Other-Regarding Preferences
    by Michele Belot and Marcel Fafchamps
  • 2012-002: Ethnic discrimination and signals of trustworthiness in an online market: Evidence from two field experiments
    by Wojtek Przepiorka



  • 2011-001: A Structural Analysis of Disappointment Aversion in a Real Effort Competition
    by David Gill and Victoria Prowse
  • 2011-002: Decision Costs in Legislative Bargaining: An Experimental Analysis
    by Luis Miller and Christoph Vanberg
  • 2011-003: Myopia, Pension Payments and Retirement: An Experimental Approach
    by Craig Holmes
  • 2011-004: Lifting the veil of ignorance: An experiment on the contagiousness of norm violations
    by Andreas Diekmann, Wojtek Przepiorka and Heiko Rauhut
  • 2011-005: Individual notions of distributive justice and relative economic status
    by Abigail Barr, Justine Burns, Luis Miller and Ingrid Shaw



  • 2010-001: Who should be called to the lab? A comprehensive comparison of students and non-students in classic experimental games
    by Michele Belot, Raymond Duch and Luis Miller
  • 2010-002: Cognitive Racial Discrimination: A Benchmark Experimental Study
    by Michele Belot
  • 2010-003: Revisiting Michael McBride’s Experiment about Money, Happiness and Aspirations
    by Abigail Barr
  • 2010-004: Are Women More Sensitive to the Decision-Making Context?
    by Luis Miller and Paloma Ubeda
  • 2010-005: The Consistency of Fairness Rules: An Experimental Study
    by Paloma Ubeda


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