Vacancy: Social Media Internship

We are looking for a Social Media Intern to start as soon as possible. The Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) is a leading international centre facilitating experimental research throughout the world. We have centres in Nuffield, Tianjin (China), Pune (India) and Santiago (Chile).  These facilities include experimental labs, on-line experimental facilities, lab-in-the-field facilities and subject pools for the lab and on-line experiments. Nuffield CESS would like to appoint a social media intern who would work in Oxford with the staff at Nuffield CESS.

The position will require the intern to manage the Nuffield CESS social media activities along with preparing content for the CESS web page. The internship would be until the end of Hilary term but could be extended into Trinity 2019.

Find out more information about this position in our vacancies webpage.