CESS Partners with Chile Transparente

On March 28th, Nuffield CESS joined forces with CESS Santiago, USACH, and Chile Transparente. This new collaboration will enable researchers to conduct a number of online and field experiments in Chile, studying the effectiveness of different forms of accountability on reducing electoral manipulation and overall corruption. 

Over two years, both institutions will conduct five studies. Topics will include clientelism, whistleblowing, and electoral accountability. In addition, CESS will train Chile’s Transparente staff through the summer and winter schools on experimental methods at Oxford and in Chile. 

Along with making a theoretical and empirical contribution to the topics of corruption and electoral manipulation, this project also aims to provide a better understanding of the dynamics and mechanisms relevant to these topics—ultimately helping  Chile Transparente in their work to tackle these issues.  

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Felipe Torres (ftraposo@kcl.ac.uk), or check out Chile Transparente’s website here.