General Ethical Guidelines   

The following points summarise the main conditions for running experiments at CESS. You will find more details about our ethical guidelines according to the experiment that you will run:

  • We do not permit deception at CESS. All rules and instructions provided to subjects must be accurate and must not be misleading.
  • Consent must be received prior to the start of the experiment. Consent may be withdrawn at any time without penalty. Subjects who withdraw consent must still receive the show up fee.
  • All participants and research assistants have the right to expect protection from physical, psychological, social, legal and economic harm at all times during the investigation. Participants and researcher’s staff must be fully informed in advance of and protected against any hazardous, stressful or uncomfortable contexts and procedures.
  • All participants have the right to expect that the information supplied by them will be treated as confidential and will be protected as such. Researchers should ensure that data is stored in an appropriate way, protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of participants.
  • All subjects should be compensated for their participation.
  • Data from CESS lab experiments will not by default contain personally identifiable information and will not be linked to our recruitment database. CESS will provide a copy of the data to the researcher(s) and will maintain a copy of the raw data on CESS servers and in the associated backups thereof. The researcher is responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of their copy of the data. Additionally, it is the researcher(s) responsibility to ensure that any personal data collected during the experiment remains confidential.

CESS Ethical Review

The mission of the CESS Ethical Review is to protect the welfare and rights of all persons involved in the conducting of research at CESS, including subjects, experimenters, and staff.

Human Subjects Research

CESS is committed to ethical principles such as the respect for persons and maximising benefits while minimizing risk.

Who needs to apply

All research conducted at CESS, using CESS facilities, or members of the CESS subject pools must undergo a CESS Ethical Review. This review is to ensure that the project meets CESS’s ethical standards and therefore no alternative ethical reviews may be substituted. Similarly, the CESS ethical review does not take the place of any ethical review requirements by any other body, unless that body has stated so. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that they fulfil all ethical review requirements to which they are bound.

How to apply

To apply or update information for CESS Ethical Review click the link below and select the option(s) that best fit your case. We encourage you to review the documents checklist on this website prior to your application so as to ensure your experiment meets CESS’s ethical standards prior to submitting. After you’ve submitted an application, you will receive an email containing an individual case reference code and a summary of your application. If you are not receiving any email please check your spam filter.

You will be required to submit the following documents as part of this application.

  1. Experiment consent form;
  2. Experiment instructions;
  3. Proof of human subject research training for all researchers associated with the experiment (e.g.

For more information, contact us: