CESS Virtual Lab

We are proud to offer a new option for researchers interested in conducting their lab experiments in a virtual environment. We offer a range of options for how we can assist researchers in moving their experimental designs to an online environment.

Depending on the needs of the individual researcher and project, we are able to:

  • Consult on the successful implementation of laboratory experiments in an virtual environment.
  • Translate any or all of an experimental protocol into an online program using oTree.
  • Rollout and monitor experimental sessions using either our own or researcher’s subject pools.
  • Handle payment of subjects for participation in online experiments.
Translation of Experimental Protocol into online program using oTree:

Using the button below, researchers can send us their experimental protocol including specific requested features and we can provide a cost estimate for its production cost.  We are open to programming entire protocols from scratch or adding specific features such as (but not limited to):

  • Inclusion of ‘waiting activities’ that can be used while subjects are waiting for sessions to begin or for decisions to be made by other participants such as:
    • Real-effort tasks;
    • Demographics surveys;
    • Psychological tests.
  • Inclusion of workarounds that mirror advantages that exist in a laboratory setting such as:
    • The ability to communicate with subjects in real-time and clarify questions about the instructions.
    • The ability to monitor subjects actively and adjust experimental environments in real time.
    • Creation of payment file including information required of payment that is independent of data collected during the experiment.
    • Inclusion of attention checks to ensure subjects are paying attention to the study
Data Collection:

In addition to programming services, CESS also offers the opportunity to have us handle the rollout and data collection process.  This may include (but is not limited to):

  • Cost-effective server and database implementation.
  • Implementation of login system that prevents subjects from participating multiple times, allows for identification of subjects who ‘show up’ but are unable to participate and keeps data collected anonymous.
  • Implementation of flexible simultaneous sessions that allow subjects to begin as soon as appropriate numbers are reached and puts additional subjects into independent sessions.
  • Active monitoring of sessions including simulated subject behaviour in the case of subjects who stop participating mid-session.
  • The ability to use either CESS’s subject pools or researcher’s local subject pool.

Interested researchers should use the button below to submit a request for a cost estimate for our services. To submit, researchers will need to indicate/include the following:

  • Name and affiliation;
  • Desired Sample;
  • Desired Services from CESS;
  • Detailed outline of experimental design and goals for program (an example template for this);
  • Experimental Instructions.