Ximeng Fang & Stefania Innocenti

  Wednesday, 7th June 2023

  14:15 - 15:15

   Butler Room - Nuffield College

   Climate VR at Home: a Field Experiment Using SONY PlayStation's Climate Station Virtual Reality Experience


Researchers are increasingly exploring the role of virtual reality (VR) technologies in engaging the public about environmental issues. By offering new forms of immersive visual experiences, VR holds significant promise as a tool for environmental education and communication. However, existing studies are largely conducted in lab-settings and with small samples, limiting their external validity. This study will test the effects of Sony PlayStation’s Climate Station experience – a new application which will enable people to view, interact with, and understand complex climate data — on climate change attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors among real PSVR users in the U.S and UK. Our particular focus is on climate change information seeking and information diffusion via climate-related conversations (engaging family and friends in climate-related discussions). We will also measure self-reported behaviors related to carbon footprint lifestyle decisions and individual participation in climate activism.