Pia Pinger

  Joint event with Oxford's Department of Economics

  Tuesday, 11th October 2022

  16:00 - 17:15

   Manor Road Building, Manor Road - Seminar Room A

   The Perceived (Signaling) Value of Higher Education


This paper explores students’ expectations about the returns to completing higher education and provides first evidence on perceived signaling and human capital effects. We elicit counterfactual labor market expectations for the hypothetical scenarios of leaving university with or without a degree certificate among a large and diverse sample of students at different stages of higher education. Our findings indicate substantial perceived returns to higher education. Moreover, by exploiting within-individual variation, we document sizeable expected labor market returns from signaling, whereas perceived productivity enhancing (human capital) returns seem to be less pronounced. Over the expected course of career, we find lasting education premia as well as evidence consistent with expected employer learning.

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