oTree Workshop

  Wednesday, 9th October 2019

  09:00 - 18:00

oTree: An Introduction to Programming Online Experiments for the Social Sciences
oTree is a framework to run experiments both online and in the lab. The workshop is aimed at participants with no prior knowledge of oTree. After the workshop participants will be able to create single and multi-player experiments. The workshop will be hands on and include a variety of exercises which will allow participants to immediately apply the covered material. A very basic understanding of python is required to attend the workshop. For people without prior knowledge of python a brief introduction into python is offered on the day prior to the workshop (8th October, from 3pm to 6pm). Alternatively, a few hours of self-study will be sufficient to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Instructor: Jonas Frey, D. Phil (University of Oxford).

Those interested in participating in the workshop should send an email to jonas.frey.dphil2017@said.oxford.edu. In the email, please specify if you want to attend the workshop and the python session or only the workshop.