Social Media Workshop

  Thursday, 5th December 2019

  09:00 - 18:00

This workshop assembles a very diverse and inter-disciplinary group of scholars using social media as an integral part of their research.  Each of the workshop participants will be presenting work or work-in-progress/designs that build on the theme of social media and experimentation.  The goal is to highlight very innovative experimental approaches that incorporate social media into the design of experimental interventions but also into measuring behavioural outcomes.

Those interested in participating in the workshop should send an email to Melanie Sawers –

Online Political Information: Facebook and Saturation and Electoral Accountability in MexicoHoracio LarreguyHarvard
I bet you won’t stay off Facebook! Reducing social media usage via challengesSeverine ToussaertOxford
Audits, Social Media Information and Accountability: Chile RCTFelipe TorresKings College
Geographical Clustering for Delivering Facebook Ad TreatmentsThomas RobinsonOxford
Deep Fake Videos: A User's GuideAreeq ChowdhuryFuture Advocacy
Andrew LewisOxford
ANES Social Media InitiativesShanto IyengarStanford
Why I was not worried about Cambridge Analytica (and you should not have been either)David NickersonTemple
Social media as campaign tools: Are Facebook advertisement campaigns effective at attracting campaign donations and volunteer sign-ups?Florian FoosLSE
Politics in the Facebook Era. Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential ElectionsMichela RedoanoWarwick
Federica LiberiniBath University
Antonio RussoLoughborough University
Measuring Public Opinion via Digital FootprintsRoberto CerinaOxford
Ray DuchOxford