The Independent reports a work by CESS Researcher


CESS Researcher, Andrew Lewis, and co-authors have their work on Deepfake technology reported on by The Independent. They show that 1) people are not good at discerning quality deepfakes from genuine videos, and 2) even when warned 1 of the 5 videos they’ll see has been altered, the vast majority (78%) of people still cannot […]

Vacancies: Laboratory Assistants


In preparation for reopening our lab later this term, the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences in Oxford is looking for Lab Assistants to help ensure that our lab experiments are run as smoothly and safely as possible. The successful candidates will be working an average of 5-10 hours per week, earning an hourly salary of […]

Course on Experimental Methods for DPIR students

External Event

CESS Director Ray Duch and CESS affiliated graduate student Mats Ahrenshop are delivering a course on Experimental Methods to students at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR).

Political Analysis journal publishes CESS research paper


The paper titled “Multi-Modes for Detecting Experimental Measurement Error” was published in the Political Analysis journal, April 2020 issue.

CESS Postdoctoral Research Officer will present his paper at Loughborough University

External Event

Loughborough University have invited CESS Postdoctoral Research Officer, Noah Bacine to present his paper entitled “Disrupting Gender Norms with Incentives” this Wednesday, 25th February.

Prof. Duch speaks at ETH Zurich

External Event

Today, Monday 3rd February, Professor Raymond Duch presents at ETH Zurich his paper entitled “Measuring Public Opinion via Digital Footprints”.

CESS Director presented at Oxera Consulting LLP

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The Director of CESS, Professor Raymond Duch, presented his paper entitled “Enhancing experimental design with multiple modes, machine learning and digital trace” at Oxera Consulting LLP, in London, in 30th January.

Workshop on Leadership and Innovation


From 27th January and 1st February, the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences will be holding the fourth version of its Workshop on Leadership and Innovation.

Better late than never


CESS Researcher Roberto Cerina and Director Raymond Duch partnered with UCL Statistics Professor Gianluca Baio to test a novel methodology to estimate constituency-level results from publicly available individual level datasets and publicly available opinion polls. To this end, they produced estimates of vote shares and headline seats for the 2019 UK General Election.