Video: Raymond Duch taught a course in Chile

CESS Santiago

Professor Raymond Duch taught a course at the Academia de Ciências Policiales in Chile. Watch the video.

Forecasting of Texas Congress District mid-terms by PhD candidate


Impressive forecasting of Texas Congress District mid-terms by PhD candidate Roberto Cerina. All social media and no polling!

God insures those who pay? Formal insurance and religious offerings in Ghana


Amma Panin, postdoctoral research officer at CESS will be giving a seminar at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam on 30 October 2018.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse


Researchers can now apply for 3-year post-doctoral research fellowship positions at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse. All research interests relevant to the broad study of human behavior are welcome, but interests that complement those already developed at IAST will be given special consideration. Application deadline: November 30.

Tricky Things Workshop


The Centre for Experimental Social Science at Nuffield College, Oxford and the Behavioral Science Unit (eMBeD) at the World Bank hosted a workshop on Measuring the Tricky Things. The workshop brought together scholars working on measurement techniques for measuring things that are difficult to measure to share best practice.

Behavioural Retreat


On 1 October 2018 CESS Nuffield hosted the Behavioural Retreat at Nuffield College. The purpose of the retreat is to gather a diverse group of academics working within the field of behavioural economics to present their cutting-edge research and get feedback on ideas for future research projects.

Conference Presentation: The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latin America


Rodrigo Caputo, Research Associate at CESS Santiago, has presented his research at the conference “The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latin America” hosted by IDB and MFRI at the University of Chicago.

Cost, Credibility, and Relative Salience: Experimental Evidence on Corruption Voting


Mats Ahrenshop, affiliated graduate student of CESS, is attending the Sixth Annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop where he will do a poster presentation on 21 September 2018.

Where Will the British Go? And Why?


What will attract the highly-skilled migrants from a post-Brexit UK? This paper examines the migration preferences of potential emigrants from the UK to determine whether the migration calculus is primarily economic or political. This is a CESS working paper. Read abstract and get link to full article here.